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We are strategic marketing experts

Since 2005, PROFIT BOOSTER has been providing complex strategic marketing and sales solutions based on real data. We aim at increasing our clients’ profits through higher sales of their products or services. We believe that the sole purpose of sales support and marketing is to sell “more goods and services to a higher number of customers at a higher price”. Therefore, we understand these activities as simple business investments; also, that is the way we measure and count them.

The quality of our marketing solutions has been awarded by the prestigious EFFIE AWARDS (most effective advertising awards) multiple times.

Our principals and values

  • Marketing and sales is an investment that has to generate financial returns through increased sales.

  • We believe that marketing investments can be measured, despite all the obstacles that might occur.

  • Our client recommendations are always based on data and exact facts backed by real data.

  • We treat our client’s business as our own.

  • We always tell the truth to our client, however unpopular it may be.

Top management

Ing. Jan Kaše

Managing partner

Mgr. Ladislav Krempa


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Ing. Monika Pištěláková

Managing partner

Ing. Jana Laifrová


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Ing. Petr Pištělák

Managing partner

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